Just when you think it’s dead…

…it comes back.

Executive Slacks: Feel the NoiseHere’s a new article from Paste Magazine on a Fundamental/Red Records band from Philly – Executive Slacks.

It mentions Richard Jordan, as if he needs more street cred…

“When success eludes a band, more often than not its missing component is easily detected. Amidst the thousands of unoriginal acts and the handful of successful ones, a few, slightly ahead of their time, manage to slip through the cracks. Post-punk act Executive Slacks, whose first EP is reissued this month, may be one of them.

The band was spawned in the early 1980s in Philadelphia by three art students—Albert Ganss, Matt Marello and John Young. What began out of boredom—Marello and Young found the string part to an old piano lying on a street corner, dragged it inside and began making recordings—ended with a major label contract and an acrimonious split. In between, Executive Slacks nearly turned art-rock into crossover material and pre-saged a number of later trends in techno and goth music…” READ MORE


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